As a Barbell Coach, I am passionate about helping you become stronger so that you can live your best life. I believe that strength training should be accessible, no matter your age.

Strength Coach
Cary Kirk

“A strong body is dynamic. Strength helps to improve your quality of life, find fulfillment in the activities you love, and endure fewer injuries.”


You don't have to live life on hard mode.


You can become stronger, safely

I believe anyone, at any age, can benefit from becoming stronger.


So you can live your best life, easier.

You can easily live your best life.
Let me show you how you can have more energy and more fun.


Live better in 3 easy steps

Let's Talk

What are the physical challenges that are limiting your life?

Let's Lift

Once we have developed a program that meets you where you are, I will teach you how to lift weights safely, and help you reach your goals.

Let's Celebrate!

As we track your progress we will also celebrate your achievements. When you hit your goals we will take time to recognize just how far you have come.

What clients are saying

The older I got the worse I felt. I met Cary and everything has been turning around. I feel better, have dropped a pant size, and am not worried about my back going out whenever it wants to anymore. I never knew strength training could have these kind of results.

Graphic Designer
Todd Underwood

"I have been training with Cary for six months. You are never too old to start. I was 69! I cannot express how much the training has helped me with my mobility, my energy, and my endurance. Walking up and down stairs has never been so easy. I can even bend over now and pick up things off the floor! I truly enjoy the time I spend with Cary each week. We have great interactions. I look forward to seeing the next 6 months of improvement!"


Within the first month of working with Cary, I was already noticing changes. I was gaining a new confidence and I was already feeling stronger. The first several sessions with Cary were emotionally and mentally challenging for me because Cary was helping me look at things from a different perspective. Even to this day, (a year later) Cary challenges me, but they're all in ways that make me a better person. In terms of physicality, my body instantly began changing when I started lifting. I've become much stronger and have turned into the friend that volunteers to help you move that couch.



One time consult

One on one consultation to customize a program just for you.

• Getting to know you
• Your goals
• Your needs

Group Training

Work out with a friend!
Meet 2 times per week.
(Price per person)

• Custom Program
• Coaching
• Feedback
• Group Accountability

Individual training

You and I will meet,
one on one,
2 times per week.

• Custom Program
• Undivided Attention
• Personal Coaching
• Feedback

Online coaching

Customized workouts
delivered 3 times a week
on a mobile app.

• Custom Program
• Online Tracking
• Online Feedback

A-la-carte session

For experienced lifters looking for form optimization and in-person feedback.

Online program

Want a customized
workout and then I
leave you alone?

• Custom Program
• No follow ups
• (for Advanced Lifters)

You can find me here

FItness Plus, LaPorte Indiana

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Monday – Friday:
07:00 – 21:00

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